Wagashi (Japanese Confectionery)

Wagashi refers to the traditional sweets created and loved in Japan
since times of old. Known as “art for the five senses,” it goes without saying that the sense of sight is delighted by the beautiful appearance
of these confections. Expressing the four seasons through color and shape, wagashi is truly a work of art. The sense of taste is satisfied by
its delicious flavors, while the sophisticated and faintly sweet fragrance can be appreciated by your sense of smell. The various textures from fluffy to moist to crispy create a pleasant sensation when touching the palate. Finally, hearing the names given to each creation invokes scenes from each of the four seasons, as well as the traditional culture of Japan. Wagashi is the only food in the world that stimulates all five senses.
Seiji Sugiura

= Traditions in enjoying the taste of the four seasons

Known as art for the five senses, Japanese sweets are created in the spirit of enjoying the beautyof the seasons, as well as the traditional artisan craftsmanship, flavors, and history that can only be expressed by wagashi.

4 Seasons Wagashi of Matsukawaya