Glutinous and non-glutinous rice flour, as well as adzuki beans and sugar that form sweet bean paste when combined, chestnuts, sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, and fruits are used. We obtain carefully selected natural ingredients, abundant with the benevolence of Mother Earth, from regions around Japan specializing in their production. Made with natural vegetables as their main ingredients, Wagashi is quite healthy and low in calories. It is because we are this selective about our ingredients that we are able to offer our products to you with the utmost confidence.

Traditional beauty

Wagashi artisans with forty years of experience are  responsible for creating the Japanese sweets of Matsukawaya. Using closely guarded, time-honored recipes, they have developed the skill of crafting sweets from the heart, while using their experience to take the seasons, air temperature, and humidity into consideration as well. The sweets made by wagashi artisans are not just about taste; the beauty of nature and seasonal charm are woven into the tiny Japanese sweets at their fingertips, 
delivering smiles to all.


We use the highest level of hygiene management to ensure trustworthiness and safety for our products. We hold regular meetings on food sanitation, and the mixing of foreign substances is prevented through rigorous visual checks by our staff, as well as high-performance metal detectors. We request an external food safety agency to conduct inspections and also conduct our own quality testing of products in our on-site bacteria inspection lab. Additionally, a clean manufacturing environment is maintained through the effective use of an air shower room, automatic film wrapping system, and a completely automated system line.